Transform The Interior Of Your Car & Keep It Spotless With This Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

The High Powered Suction Easily Removes All Dust, Dirt & Crumbs On Your Seats, Mat, Dashboard & Vents...

Normal Price (Total): $74.99
Discounted Price For Today: $44.99
+ Plus Free Delivery
Normal Price (Total): $74.99
Discounted Price For Today: $44.99
+ Plus Free Delivery


This Multi Dashboard & Interior Cleaner Cost $10 but you get it free when you order today…


This are 100% real feedback from real customers who have used and still Odomos


The best thing about this vacum is that it is WIRELESS AND RECHARGEABLE!

This makes is very easy to use anywhere in my car and it does a fantastic job in picking up big and small debris (lint, dust and hair) alike.

Before getting this vacuum, I was considering a large one becasue I was always using a dust pan and brush to clean my car.

After using this vacuum, I was glad I didn’t. I saved some money.

The attachment can get into the tiny areas a bigger vacuum and brush can’t reach.

I am very happy with my new car vac!


This vacuum was fantastic!

I used it for the first time today to clean my car and it performed better than I expected.

I had a wired car vacuum with a very short cord

This is wireless and still suck very well.

It removes all sand, dust and dirt around and I mean everything, I swear I really love it.

Thank you for helping me keep my car neat!

I was completely amazed by this little car vacuum.

I tend to somehow bring in a lot of dirt/tiny leaves in my car and this does such a great job at picking it all up.

I love that it is wireless, I’m able to vacuum the back without struggling at all (I have a Kia optima if that helps visualize the length).

It comes with lots of tiny accessories for those hard to reach areas.

I would highly recommend it!

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