Purify & Filter Your Drinking & Cooking Water, Remove Rust, Impurities, Dirt & Get Cleaner, Clearer Healthier Water For Your Family With Our Original Water Purifier

The #1 Water Purifier Solution For Every Home

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DISCOUNT OFFER: N12,000 + Free Magnetized Stone Water Filter

Are you getting dirty, discoloured, muddy or brownish water or experiencing this problems from your tap water at home?

  • Discolored/brownish water that dirty and unhealthy to drink and cook?
  • Water that tastes “funny or weird”?
  • Rust flakes or unknown particles in the water?
  • Rust stains that destroy your sink and stains on your clothes?

Research shows dirty water has killed lots of people than war and that is why you and your family must not take chances.

We have the solution for you…

Get cleaner, clearer, healthier water today and keep your loved ones safe today with the our Original SWS Ceramic Water Purifier that purifies and filter dangerous elements out of the dirty tap water and fortify it making it clean and healthy for your drinking and cooking.


Original SWS Ceramic Water Purifier

The #1 Water Purifier Solution For Every Home

Why Is This Water Purifier A Must For Every Home?

Unknown to lots of people, the water they drink, cook, wash, bath is is the reason they fall sick and go to the hospital.

Clear water doesn’t mean SAFE water, it may contain potentially harmful pollutants, bacteria & contaminants that are not visible to the eye but are VERY dangerous to the body and that is why you need to get this Ceramic Water Purifier today!

This Ceramic Water Purifier has helped many people improve the quality of their water and to live a healthy life that is free from illness and waterborne diseases that is associated with borehole, water tank & well water.

Water Purifier helps you to obtain good and hygienic water for drinking, cooking, bathing etc. It effectively removes the bacteria, algae, bad smell from the water.


  • It gives you and your family cleaner,clearer and healthier water, safe to drink and cook.
  • No more funny tasting or smelling water (It makes the tap water odorless and tasteless)
  • You can refill your water dispenser and bottles from your filtered water.

  • With this filter, your expenses on sachet, bottle or dispenser water will reduce greatly because you will get cleaner, healthier water.


  • The filter has 5 layers of filtration to remove impurities, excess chlorine, rust, dirt, rusts, bacteria and micro organisms. 
  • Can be used with any type of  tap in your home or office. (Comes with 3 faucet joints in order to fit different types of taps.)
  • Easy to clean and can be used repeatedly and you can see how much dirt it has removed for you.
  • It’s very easy to install, no need to call a plumber. (You can fix it yourself)
  • Filters up-to 10,000 Liters of Water.

Original SWS Ceramic Water Purifier

The #1 Water Purifier Solution For Every Home


DISCOUNT OFFER: N12,000 + Free Magnetized Stone Water Filter

We Are Running A SPECIAL PROMO OFFER Today Only!

If You Order Today You Pay Only N12,000 + An Extra FREE Medical Stone Magnetization Water Filter + Free Delivery In Lagos & Port Harcourt

All Orders Are Payment On Delivery Available!

The medical stone magnetization water filter uses medicinal stone to channel water, and it is an eco-friendly filter that can filter rusts, parasites, contaminants, substantial metal, particles, heavy metal, ions, residual chlorine, algae, etc.

It is a very effective method to filter water and make it cleaner and healthier to consume.


Looking at all the details and pictures above, you can see this product works. We don’t just sell product, we sell rest of mind. 

This product comes with 2 YEARS Solid Guarantee (None of those fake sellers can give you this kind of guarantee). So you have nothing to worry about. 


My brother thank you as this ceramic water purifier has saved me lots of money.

We no longer waste money on dispenser and bottled water. We fixed the purifier to the tap in our kitchen and dinning, and that is where everybody goes to get water. The water is well filtered and clear.

I am very happy.

– Mrs. Adebayo

(Isolo, Lagos)

Thanks for keeping to your words, the product was delivered to my address and it was well packaged. This is 100% original, compared to those trash product online.

I love the fact that it’s easy to fix the purifier without having to pay plumber. You are doing well, please keep it up.

– Abiodun

(Ikoyi, Lagos)

Get Clean, Clear, Healthy Water Just Like This In Your Own Home!


Will this product make the water clean and healthy to drink?
Yes, after use the water filter would make the water clean and healthy to drink.

Will this work on all types of taps?
The water filter would work on most types taps.

How do I install the water filter?
The product is very easy to use and install and comes with detailed instructions that come with the product that show you how to install it on any tap. We would also give you an instruction video to teach you how to apply it correctly.

I have a very dirty and brownish water in home, would this work for me?
Yes it will work for you.

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